“Paper is a technology”, says European TED director Bruno Giussani

“One way to stimulate innovation is to look beyond our own industry and networks”, says European TED director Bruno Giussani in an interview in the publication┬áPAPER Breakthroughs. He works with corporations and start-ups across Europe and spends his time looking for creative minds and innovators. He shares his thoughts about paper innovations.

“Paper is a technology”, he says. “One that can store words, but also be designed to absorb chemicals, to filter light, to absorb sound, to package food in ways that make it not rot, to build houses etc. I actually expect paper, in a relatively near future to be saturated with technology from digital capabilities to biosensors to specific chemical characteristics aimed at specific uses.”

“Very often it is the insight from a completely distinct field, the lesson someone in a very different sector has learned, that offers a new perspective and solution”, he says. And: “Innovation today comes from everywhere.”

The complete interview is published in PAPER Breakthroughs.