“The shock of the new”

“If innovation is about more new screens and new apps, that’s actually quite disappointing”, said John Mills from the Media Innovation Studio at the expo in Helsinki. “Real innovation is the shock of the new. Permanent paper in relation to the digital world is really something new.”

WiFi - cropsurfboard detail - cropTomaten met publiek - crop


Key in the exposition was the opportunity to touch, hear, see and experience the paper innovations. A catalogue that synchronises the pages that you are reading with video. Sound posters that make you drum and explore stories. WiFi blocking wallpaper that can protect data and health. Fun, fascinating and relevant features.

The early stage of many paper technologies made some researchers hesitant to exhibit their ideas yet for an international audience. But some visitors stressed the need to celebrate the idea of paper innovation and to fire the imagination. Both visitors and exhibitors said: “I am not an expert” when networking, which symbolizes the distinct fields of expertise that are involved in what paper can do. It is an opportunity open to everyone, engineers, designers and communicators.

John demonstrating crop





Touch and play crop