Travelling exposition Paper Magic – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam until January 2020

We can listen to music and press conferences from interactive paper. You will discover a note book and piano in one. And you will see WiFi-blocking wallpaper, aimed at protecting your data.

The travelling exhibition Paper Magic brings innovations from across Europe together. You will experience (touch, hear and see) many unexpected paper solutions. The exhibition focuses on interactive paper, as well as paper that tells its own story about nature and sustainability. Who could image water-resistant paper made from rocks?

The items on display combine thought-provoking views from the academic world with fun: design that simply makes you smile. You will always see paper in a different context afterwards!

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will host the expo from November 2019 – January 2020.

The kick-off for the exhibition was at VTT Technical Research Centre in Helsinki in 2015, aimed at scientists. In 2018 the COMM museum in The Hague (NL) hosted the expo for the first time for a diverse range of audiences, including families and schools. In 2019 the public library OBA Amsterdam included Paper Magic in the Brave New Learning programme.
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Participating organisations

Novalia, UK, (interactive paper), Digital World Research Centre, UK, (Next Generation Paper), Digital Society School, NL, (Augmented print), Centre Technique du Papier, France (WiFi blocking wallpaper), University of Bristol, UK (cardboard surfboard), Gaia-Concept, NL (stone paper) and the City of Almere, NL (paper products made from aquatic plants).