How can paper solutions give your business plan a twist?

Paper provides unexpected answers to societal challenges, such as data security, embedding intelligence into paper, extending the shelf life of food, reducing waste streams and finding alternatives to steel, foam and plastics.

Surprising solutions are covered in the new publication
PAPER Breakthroughs: European answers to societal challenges, featuring scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs from across Europe. They explain the opportunities of paper innovations for a variety of application areas, such as engineering, design, architecture and ICT.
How will the innovations give your own research and business plans a twist?

CoverContributors include VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the University of Exeter, Novalia, Centre Technique du Papier and Konica Minolta, as well as the European director of TED.

This book is an invitation to all creative minds and accelerators of knowledge to bring outstanding ideas and demonstration projects a step closer to practical use.

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